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It's Time To Change Online Dating

Are you tired of wordy online dating sites? PicConnect is a new way to find matches through online dating. So say goodbye to tedious profile forms and complex matching formulas. And ask yourself, how do you see the world?


"A great relationship should be based on two main principles: First, appreciate your similarities, and second, respect your differences."

- Unknown Author

How Is PicConnect Different?

There are a lot of ways in which PicConnect is different than other dating sites. Instead of us listing them all, we picked out some of the coolest ones we think you'll like.

Complex Matching Engine

PicConnect has one of the most accurate matching engines today. We examine every aspect of your life and show you just how closely you match everyone else. And all you have to do is select photos! Yea, how cool is that?

Multiple Match Sets

PicConnect allows you to create multiple match sets to find different types of people. For example, you can have one match set looking for local partner who love outside sports and another looking for a long term love who likes loves to travel.

Quick Searches

You can do a quick search at any time by simply selecting photos and clicking Find Matches. Simply choose the basic information such as distance, age, etc. and then add the photo you're interested in. Within seconds you can see your matches.

Weighting Categories

Photos are categorized into distinct categories such as Romance, Lifestyle and Music. When creating a Match Set by adding more photos from a specific category our matching engine will focus on that category the most.

Robust Communication

PicConnect contains a robust internal email system. You’ll feel right at home with all the standard email functionality such as inbox, sent, deleted, read, marked, and more. Nothing new to learn here!

Hot Lists

Hot lists are an easy way to keep track of people you are interested in. Throughout the website you simply click on a flame icon to add them to your Hot List. You can remove them just as easy. Don't worry, they won't know you added them!

Who's Viewed Me?

Want to know who is checking out your profile? We have you covered. Anytime someone checks out your profile we add them to your “Who’s Viewed Me List” We even tell you how many times they have come back to check you out.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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